The Chicago College Advising Corps is dedicated to increasing the number of students from all backgrounds who enter and complete some form of higher education. We collect data and measure our impact by keeping track of important indicators of college enrollment, such as FAFSA completion, scholarship dollars, standardized test taking, and many other factors that are steps in the college enrollment process. However, we also base our success in connecting with our students one-on-one, talking to parents about college enrollment, and the daily connections we make with all members of the school communities we are a part of. We seek to prepare students for life after high school, whether they plan to seek employment, an apprenticeship, or attend an institution of higher education.


In 2017, the University of Chicago launched a new partnership with the national College Advising Corps to oversee a network of college advisers within the city of Chicago. These advisers work full-time within high schools to provide supplemental support for student services departments and to work directly with students on their post-secondary education plans.

"Advising isn't just about sending students to college. It's about empowering tomorrow's leaders as we strive to make our world a better and more equitable place."

Dakota Bowman, Adviser 2017-2019

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The Chicago College Advising Corps is a part of the National College Advising Corps. Learn more about our partner organization by clicking the button below.